FX Storm Pistol Grip

FX's "pistol grip action" rifle ( FX3100 / FX3100-22), and until the Royale (see below) comes out officially, FX's latest model.

FX Storm Pistol Grip

Postby kash2001 on Thu May 02, 2013 12:42 pm

Hi guys, I know the storms pistol grip can be an issue, and tbh mine is a bit sloppy, Ive turned the little ball adjuster in the hope it locks the grip a bit better but it doesnt seem to make much difference.

Is there a way of fixing it so that it shuts firmly, I have several fx/rws scimitars and they lock better, and I am use to pushing the grip slightly forward when aligning myself for a shot, but theres lateral and horizontal movement on the storm.

Any help appreciated.

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