The FX Storm owners review.

FX's "pistol grip action" rifle ( FX3100 / FX3100-22), and until the Royale (see below) comes out officially, FX's latest model.

The FX Storm owners review.

Postby Door judas gekust on Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:06 pm

This rifle has a unique cocking system that gives you the possibility to fire 8 shots in about 3 seconds without dropping your aim, all because the extremely high-tech pistol gripped action.
This is what the folder about the Storm says.
True, it's a unique cocking system, but it takes a little getting used to, because you have the urge to pull on the pistolgrip while discharging a shot.
After you get the hang of it, it is an easy to use system and you can release the 8 shots quiet rapidly.
8 shots in about 3 seconds is possible, but that is if you shoot a bigger target, else you have to take aim again so not to miss the target.
Reloading a shot works quiet simple, you fired a shot, pull the pistolgrip back and slide it forward again and the weapon is loaded and ready to fire again.

This rifle is suitable for both left/right hand shooters because of its cocking system together with the Ambidextrous stock.
One answer only: True.
It lays quiet good in your hand, I am a left handed shooter and have no problems at all.

Patented power adjuster that gives the rifle three different velocity settings.
The power setting handle is hard to switch between settings, but in my opinion is that a good thing, because it will stay in the setting you have put it in.
On full power you have about 24 to 32 good solid shots, then it goes down very quick.
The other settings I have no used so far excessively, because for me there is only one velocity........FULL POWER
but for sure that on the lower velocity settings there will be more good shots.
Note: In The Netherlands there is no Ft/Lbs limitation on airrifles/pistols, so we are taking about approx. 34 Ft/Lbs on full power for the Fx Storm.

Recoil Free.

The safety is easy to reach and handle, no problems there.

The holes in the stock for extra magazines is in my opinion a bit overdone and it doesn't work properly.
If you put 4 magazines in, the are hard to get out, if you put less magazines in, they have the tendensy to fall out.

On futher models they can leave these holes out of the stocks (IMHO)

When you have fired the last shot, you will have to cock the weapon to get the magazine out.
If it was your last shot of the day, technicly the weapon is again ready to fire a shot.
You can pull the trigger and let the airrifle dry-fire, but I am not a big fan of dry-firing.
So I hold the pistolgrip in the backwards position en pull and hold the trigger and slide the pistolgrip forward, then no shot will be fired and the weapon is empty.

When I am in a ''action'' mood, I will put the EoTech Holosight on it (with or without the magnifier) an let it rip on soda cans, knock down metal targets and so on.
Otherwise I put a scope on the BKL weaverrail and with little to none adjustments I can shoot a bit more seriously on paper targets.
The FX Storm has a 11mm dovetail.

The FX Storm shoots very well, and without shooters error is dead on target.
I have zeroed the scope at 50 meters and shoot almost hole in hole, on 35 meter with holdunder all 8 shots in bulleye and black innercircle rings (resp. 12/11/10 points) of 15x15 cm targetcard with 6x magnification on the Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3-12x56.

Free floating barrel , but it looks to me a bit fragile, so I have put a barrelsupport on it.

Overall a fine weapon to shoot and to have lots of fun with.

Photo link

Best Regards,

Richard aka Gappestein
Door judas gekust

Re: The FX Storm owners review.

Postby ian johnstone on Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:53 pm

Good review Richard!
I bought one of these (via BTAS here in the UK) after reading a review in Airgun World.
My main use for the gun was to be Nightvision work (on Vermin species) & I figured the Adjustable Length of Pull, On Aim Cocking & Synthetic stock were all perfectly suited!

The adjustable butt involved a bit of head scratching (there's no mention of it in the manuals) but a longer M8 bolt & some packing washers & I'd added circa 20mm, I'm nearly 2m tall so that suits anyway.
Cocking - first time (in the shop)...a lock-up :o this is one area where you have to be very careful to ALWAYS cock the gun whilst it is 'shouldered'. After a while you develop 'an ear' for the 'click-clickety-click' sound of the correct cycle & you also learn to keep your trigger finger only lightly on the trigger blade itself (this is the proper technique anyway). Partly because of the Synthetic stock but mostly because of the action, the Storm is not quiet! (certainly compared to my BTAS Cyclone). Obviously, at first I tried the rapid fire - childish fun really but not used by me for months & months. For me about 5 seconds per 8 shots.
Stock - I was a bit disappointed with the fore end 'weaver rail' - it ain't, it's just an ABS shelf really, but the stock feels good to handle & doesn't scratch or mark too easily. With the radical cocking system you cannot shoot 'Thumb-Up' which is a shame & as mentioned earlier the stock does affect the sound of the action - it sounds cheap!!
I'm told this is true of nearly all synthetic stocks?
For me the single most attractive part of the Storm is that adjustable stock - this is almost 'a must' for use with Night Vision equipment.
I've done Trigger adjustments & grip release adjustments several times now & after 12 months of ownership (& my Butt extension) I'm very confident of this rifle's capabilities.
My Storm is .22 & 12ft/lbs with HW moderator.

Here's a very hazy picture (I've since learned how to take more focused pics, btw :P )

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